UPDATE on the court case regarding the City’s eviction order against the WAC residents

Advocate Zeynab Titus (on behalf of the Willow Arts Collective) argued in court today (Tuesday 23 March) that the City’s admission of a Housing Report into evidence was done late, rather than in their founding affidavit as is required by law. This means that it should be struck out from the court papers.

The City of Cape Town has asked for a postponement to consider this application and whether they want to oppose it. A decision from the City’s lawyers is anticipated for early next week.

Once again, the WAC has been calling on the City of Cape Town to meaningfully engage with them about the future use of 2 Willow Road and convene a public participation process as well. The City has consistently refused to do this. The WAC will continue to fight this miscarriage of justice.

Jared Sacks