Update from Koena Art Institute

Hi Family!

Shoe it’s getting colder by the day. Hope you are keeping warm.

The Koena Art Institute has global dreams. And I am proud to announce that we are starting talks with our first Australian country in sharing art, ideas and creating awareness around our cause, visions and position in the global community.

Celebrating IndigenousArt is at the forefront of our mission and vision because every heritage deserves to be celebrated in every home. This past few weeks I curated the /Nau for now Stellenbosch exhibition as well as the opening of the Seven sisters art show room. I wish you were there. The road is not easy but the vision is clear. Making culture cool and doing it from a point of love.

Thank you to all of you for always being there in every small way. Even if it is just to share, like, attend or thinking we’ll wishes. It’s not just about whether you can buy art or not. We share art for your enjoyment and viewing and you always have the option to buy. There are many things happening in this world and we all are feeling the pressure.
So from me…. Your being part of this journey is appreciated. No matter how small you think the contribution is. Stay warm today. Breathe. And remind yourself of all the things you are great full for today.

With Love
Lukretia – Koena Art Institute