Trill Rd Subway Refurbishment

Tanya Bonello recently sent the OCA this report on the Trill Rd Station Subway:


On the day that our new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, was inaugurated, our community in Observatory came together to rehabilitate our subway which serves as a conduit between the East and West side of our neighborhood.

Some of these underground spaces of transit along and underneath the main train line linking the City center with Simonstown have for some time become filthy, dark and dangerous tunnels – energetically places where one does not want to linger or pause for thought. All space is sacred and as such we as a community who love and cherish our neighborhood chose to change the prevalent attitude towards this conduit by using color and elbow grease to improve our lot.

We live in a digital age. Every image we make or appreciate is comprised of tiny squares that are revealed under magnification. in some way these units of square color are not dissimilar to atoms or quarks – collectively they make up a whole. The white 15x15cm tiles of our subway were painted in a myriad of different colors randomly placed yet collectively they resonate harmoniously together.

Each and every square has been treated equally: We are beautifying our neighborhood literally from the underground up!

Next, we shall plant 40 Orange trees around our neighborhood – a gift that will keep on giving for years to come….

Our Obs community has responded so positively to the idea of beautifying the public spaces that we intend to tackle the Station Road Subway soon. If you are interested in having a fun day with your family and kids painting it in Rainbow Colours, please send an email to  [email protected] or to [email protected].

Alternatively, WhatsApp Tanya on 0722781695 so that she can keep you updated on the subway painting WhatsApp group as to the dates of this fun event.