Town Hall meeting in Observatory 27th March

Communication from OCA chair Leslie London to Ward 57 councillor Yusuf Mohamed:

Dear Yusuf

The Observatory Civic Association will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on the Wed 27th March at 6pm and hope that you will be able to attend and share an update on plans for the Village Green.

The meeting is intended to give OCA members the opportunity to hear about local developments including the OBSID exploration of increasing community use of the Lower Main Rd between Trill and Station road. OBSID will be sharing the result of the investigation they did into options for greater pedestrianisation and reduced traffic to consolidate the public feel of the stretch which lies at the heart of Obs. Knowing what is planned for the Village Green would be part of informing the Community.

We haven’t yet confirmed a venue and will do so soon and let you know.
We hope that you will be able to participate.

On a related matter, a notice was put out by the City for public consultation on the “proposed management agreement for various City-owned sports grounds in Subcouncil 15 and 16.”

The problem is that the website does not provide any information on the agreements under consideration by the City. There are at least two sports grounds in Observatory and a further two in Salt River, but one cannot see who has applied, what they are applying for and what we can comment on.

The link for comments simply invites to comment but provides no detail on what you should comment on other than listing the sports fields. It’s like being asking to compete in a darts match with your eyes blindfolded.

I have written to the City official listed on the site, Biance Johnson, last Wednesday to ask what we can comment on but I have not had any reply.

Are you able to assist here? The deadline is listed as 12th March so it is really frustrating getting closer to the deadline without being given a meaningful opportunity to comment.

Leslie London