The proposed change to the delimitation of Ward 57 boundaries

The OCA was notified by the City that there are proposed changes to the boundaries of Ward 57 which are relevant for future voting.  Members of the public have been given an opportunity to object if they wish.

Councillor Chapple told us that our Ward 57 is to lose Voting District 97090544 (Bishops Prep voting station) and gain Voting District 97090331 (Salt River Town Hall) but noted that there seems to be a contradiction between the map issued by the IEC in which there are different allocations for Voting District 97090331. In one map, it appears as including the harbour and the Waterfront but in another map, it is shown as being only 100 voters and only including the Salt River area above the railway line to Albert Road. Councillor Chapple indicated a City Official statede that the Salt River Town Hall voters were in fact moved to a different Voting District (Blackpool). The final arbiter however is the Municipal Demarcation Board.

If you wish to get more details, please contact Councillor Chapple at [email protected], or write to the Municipal Demarcation Board at [email protected] to inquire.

Supporting Documentation can be found here
Provincial Gazette Extraordinary
Delimitation Objection Form