The Liesbeek Action Campaign: ‘Yes, misinformation must stop, but it is not coming from opponents of the development’

By Professor Leslie London, Tauriq Jenkins and Marc Turok for the Liesbeek Action Campaign, 25 August 2021

The Liesbeek Action Campaign believes that misinformation is rife with regard to the River Club development. However, it is not the opponents of the development who are misinforming the public.

This is a response to Mr Jody Aufrichtig’s Right to Reply dated 17 August 2021.

We present here 13 claims made by Mr Jody Aufrichtig, which are based on incorrect or selective facts and are therefore misleading.

Claim 1: “Heritage Western Cape (HWC) recently met and made the decision not to accept the nomination for the area to be declared a provincial heritage site.”

Heritage Western Cape considered the application for the Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) for grading as a provincial heritage site on 22 July 2021 and decided that the TRUP was of such importance that it should be a national heritage site.

HWC referred the application to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) for grading as a national heritage site. Only SAHRA can grade national heritage sites. Liesbeek Leisure Properties Trust representatives were in the room when this was recommended. Having accepted the nomination, HWC realised the site was worthy of even higher status than provincial heritage. It is therefore misleading to claim HWC did not accept the nomination…

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