Template for Objections/Comments on the proposed RiverClub Development

Deadline: 16th September 2019 23:59

INFORMATION on how to launch an Objection/Comment
on the Riverclub Development.

Where to Send your objections:
Send it to Amy Hill of SRK at [email protected]

Please copy the following email if you submit an objection:
[email protected]

If you have any queries please contact Amy Hill of SRK
at contact number 021 659 3060

Any objections must be received by SRK by 16th September(technically up to 23h59 but please don’t miss the deadline!)

Please title your objections as follows:
River Club Redevelopment Pre-Application BAR

Cite the Erf numbers: 
Erf 151832, City of Cape Town, and adjacent properties (Erf 26426, ERF 108936, Erf 26427, Erf 15326 Rem, Erf 26169, Erf 26170, Erf 26171, Erf 26172, Erf 26173, Erf 26174 and Erf 26175)

Refer to the following reference numbers:
DEA&DP Ref. No.:            16/3/3/6/7/2/A7/17/3104/16
HWC Case No.:                  15112504WD1217E
DWS Ref. No.:                    16/2/7/G22/A/11 and WU9026 River Club

You must also give your name, contact details (specifying the preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail), and an indication of any direct personal, business, financial or other interest which you may have in the application.

SUPPORTING Documentation

“I set up a big ‘storyboard
‘  to produce 9 Youtube videos on the background and contextual issues plus why we reject the LLPT Development application and what we support. We must submit our coordinated objections to the EIA/ HIA Assessment before Monday 16th September deadline.”
Marc Turok – Deputy Chair TRUPA


Links to the YouTube walkthrough the SRK Basic Assesment Report (BAR).

The Riverclub Site limits & Context:
Part I     Part II     Part III     Part IV
Rejecting LLPT’s BAR/HIA for the Riverclub site:
Part I      Part II     Part III     Part IV     Part V