Tell us how we can do better and what needs fixing

We want you to be our eyes and ears on the ground for any matter that affects Capetonians, and contact us when needed. From reporting potholes, non-functioning sets of traffic lights, burst water pipes, and stolen wheelie bins, to noise nuisances, land invasions or vandalism, let us know and we will attend to it.

For general faults, contacts us:
– online at
– or by calling 0860 103 089

You can also register for e-Services to, among others:
– view your account;
– apply for jobs;
– access your property valuation;
– log your water meter reading;
– access City tenders;
– renew your vehicle licence;
– access the map and zoning viewer; and
– submit building plans.

For transport-related queries, please contact the 24hr Transport Information Centre (TIC) on 0800 65 64 63 or [email protected]. You can also contact the TIC about issues such as flooding, potholes, fallen trees, open manholes and more.

Below are additional contact numbers for safekeeping:
– Solid waste hotline: 0860 103 089 / 021 400 4302 / [email protected] (for issues including – – — illegal dumping, wheelie bins and general cleaning)
– Illegal occupancy/land invasion hotline: 021 596 1999
– Cable theft hotline (toll-free): 0800 222 771
– Vandalism hotline: 021 480 7700
– Street people hotline (toll-free): 0800 872 201
– 24hr alcohol and drugs hotline (toll-free): 0800 435 748

Building plans
We are also available on weekdays, from 08:00-16:00, to help you with your questions on development and building plan applications. To contact us, see our District Office contact list.

Remember: Contact 021 480 7700 for life threatening emergencies.