Tell us how to manage Cape Town’s land

We have draft plans out for public comment that will affect the way our city’s land is used and developed, and you can have a say in the overall look and feel of Cape Town. The comment period ends Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

Cape Town is a growing city and new developments, such as housing, retail or industrial, are needed to provide for the growing population. The growth needs to be appropriately planned for and managed, and needs to protect our natural assets and heritage.

The plans also have a direct impact on land owners and developers, as they inform our decisions when we assess development and land use applications.

The draft plans out for comment are:
District Spatial Development Frameworks (DSDFs) for eight districts;
Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF); and
Environmental Management Frameworks (EMFs).

More on the eight districts.

The review of the DSDFs and EMFs began in mid-2019 with an extensive public participation process which led to more than 3 000 comments. Those are included in the drafts that are available for a final round of public input.

Among others, the draft DSDFs and EMFs:
– inform decisions about land use;
– proposes targeted areas in need of restructuring and integration;
– creates opportunities for development; and
– determines strategic priorities and key projects specific to the eight districts.

The draft MSDF:
– establishes a spatial form that will ensure Cape Town becomes more equitable, sustainable, and efficient; and
– identifies areas not suited for urban development, areas where development proposals should consider risks and areas where development is preferred.

We are all directly affected by the way our land is used. Let us know what you think of the draft plans. Remember: The more people participate, the better the final products will be.

How to comment:
Submit your comment by Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

Comment on the Municipal Spatial Development Framework.
Comment on the District Spatial Development Framework and Environmental Management Framework.

If you have additional queries, email [email protected]. In the subject line please indicate the plan and district, e.g. DSDF Tygerberg.