Statement by Tauriq (OCA Chair) regarding certain allegations concerning the state of the circus

From Tauriq Jenkins – There have been formal allegations made against me as Chair of the OCA, and by inference against the OCA’s Mancomm, that I am responsible for ‘a delay in the eviction’ at the Circus

These allegations are baseless. The facts are that just prior to the May 8 countrywide elections, the Ward Councillor Paddy Chapple sent messages to members of the community alleging that three housing associations were started by ‘a member of the civic’ which impeded on the undertaking by the City to have the residents at the Circus removed. Neither I nor anyone on Mancomm started housing associations at the Circus. In fact, any occupant of the circus can and will attest to the fact that no such associations were started by anyone, nor do they exist.

Prior to this, incorrect information had been circulated on Whatsapp groups in Obs stating that eviction was set to take place at the Circus on the 22nd of February 2019. The fact is that the occupants were served with a Notice to Vacate. This notice stated that if they did not vacate by the 22nd of Feb, then they would be served with an eviction notice. As of today, 18 June, no eviction notice has been served.

It is understandable that the problem of the circus becoming a health and safety hazard has sparked unhappiness by some residents, most of whom live close by the circus.

Consequently, the OCA raised the matter of why there has been a delay in issuing an eviction notice, to which the Ward Councillor responded by saying that the matter is subjudicae. OCA then submitted a PAIA in the hope of getting a more explanatory answer, but the PAIA was rejected without giving any real reason for rejecting it.

The OCA continues to closely monitor the health and safety situation at the Circus and is endeavoring to have the current unacceptable situation speedily resolved in a fair and just manner to all parties concerned.

Tauriq Jenkins
OCA Chair
18 June 2019