Some indigenous groups in South Africa want to stop Amazon building a new HQ on the site of a historic battleground

Isobel Asher Hamilton, 24 September 2021

– Amazon is building a new headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.

– Some local indigenous groups oppose the development, saying it’s an important heritage site.

– The developer said it worked closely with indigenous groups to accommodate their requests.

Amazon announced in April it would build a new headquarters for its African operations in Cape Town, South Africa. The development is slated to cover more than 37 acres, and include residential buildings as well as Amazon’s new office.

The development, which is called The River Club, faces fierce opposition from some people belonging to the Khoi and San indigenous groups.

One of their main concerns is that the development is on the approximate site of a 1510 battle between the Khoi and the Portuguese.

Tauriq Jenkins, high commissioner for the Goringhaicona Khoi-Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council, told The Wall Street Journal the council wanted the site to be recognised as a world heritage site…

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