Sacred River

MAKE THE LIESBEEK MATTER! Free Observatory from flood risk Don’t infill our wetlands with concrete. Stop destroying a watercourse, a wetland and a floodplain The Liesbeek Leisure Property Trust (LLPT) construction of a massive 150 000m2 Mixed Use development at the River Club, could pose a significant flood risk to the area. The design concept shows disregard for addressing climate change impacts such as retaining waterways and wetlands as green lungs which reduce the heat island effect of global warming by cooling the atmosphere through evaporation, keeping waterways and floodplains open and unobstructed to provide resilience to flood risk in heavy rainfall events, and recharging ground water and the aquifer through natural percolation. Infilling a river course and developing within the floodplain are not consistent with the stated objectives of the City’s Climate Change Policy.

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