Responsible dog ownership in Obs

Delightfully, Obs is full of pet lovers – both dogs and cats (& no doubt birds, fishes and everything in between).

These pets are beloved family members – so much so that often people forget that they are still animals and not human. Many of the pets in Obs are rescues that have trauma responses that aren’t predictable.

There has been a dramatic increase in altercations between dogs, dogs chasing cats and dogs getting hit by cars.

The law is clear that all dogs must be under control. Specifically on leads although there are dogs that have been extensively trained and are under control off lead.

However, there seems to be an increasing lack of awareness that it is not about an individual pet – but about the contact between animals many of which are invisibly unpredictable or still in training.

These dogs may be on leashes and pose no danger – unless an out of control dog or human approaches them out of “friendliness”.

Essentially this post is not about YOUR dog – but about how pets interact with each other & humans and who may be traumatised by what you perceive as “friendliness” – be this on the streets, fields or dog parks.

We all need to increase our awareness and control of our animals at all times – and particularly in public.

This means dogs on leashes, dogs under control whenever there is another animal or person around (examples include: unmanageable “packs”; large dogs on leads held by small children; dogs not being secured in properties and running out when gates are opened, and dogs bounding off on the fields – unless they are able to always respond to commands at a distance and observed at all times)

It is important too to respect other pet owners who know their dogs temperament and triggers – and to remember there are a large number of cats who free roam throughout Obs.

With a little more awareness we can all help reduce the number of dangerous and traumatising incidents happening in Obs and make sure the hood is safer everyone – including our pets.