Request from Mark Basson regarding dog owners using Malta Park A field.

Can you please assist with channelling communication to residents walking their dogs at Malta Park

·        need to bring a bag along from home to pick-up their pets excrement;

·        need to walk their dogs on a leash in that dogs  run into the cricket training nets when practices are underway disturbing cricket coaching that is      being conducted;

·        dogs launch after runners on the field often interpreted as an attack;

·        chase after the cricket ball in an uncontrollable manner;

·        dash across the cricket pitch that has maintenance undertaken on a daily basis.

The book ,pay and play system are adopted by clubs however do not  disallow access to residents walking their dogs   however should the above continue clubs will have no other choice than to lock out all other.

The residents co-operation in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Mark Basson