Reminder to make use of the city’s fault-logging C3 system

Please take pictures of environmental disasters and failing infrastructure and log this with the city council on their C3-Reporting system.  It works.


Option 1 – Report a service request online:

Follow the prompts to log the request. Please note that you can follow up on your request once it’s logged.


  • When describing the fault, it’s important to log as much detail as possible.
  • If you’re reporting a water related fault, indicate whether the water is clear or discolored. You may also need to provide your meter number when reporting water leaks within private property.
  • If you’re reporting a missing drain cover and cannot attach a picture at the time, describe the shape of the drain cover. Roads and stormwater drain covers are different from water and sanitation drain covers. This detail may save the City from having to do inspection and may save time on fixing the fault.
  • Give a street address or describe landmarks that will assist the service team to locate the site of the fault.
  • When reporting the location, you may be required to drag the GPS pin closer to the location if the pin is not accurate.
  • Attach images of the fault if you have them.

Remember to take down your reference number so you can follow up on your request at a later stage.

Option 2 – Report a service request via SMS:

You can send an SMS to the City to report faults using – 31220.

A reply SMS with a reference number will be sent to you.

Option 3 – Report a service request via phone:

Call the City on 0860 103 089 and follow the prompts.