Organiser wanted for the Liesbeek Action Campaign

Job Description: Liesbeek Action Campaign organiser

Background. The OCA needs a part-time / full-time organiser to support the campaign against the re-development of the River Club. The Campaign is comprised of members of a number of different Civics, NGOs and Khoi groups, but principally led by the Observatory Civic Association in partnership with the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoi Traditional Council, and the Two Rivers Urban Park Association. The partners are driving a public campaign to mobilise support against the development and for heritage and environmental protection, including a court action to take the approvals give by the City of Cape Town and DEADP to the High Court on review.

The tasks of the Organiser include:

  1. Ensuring the campaign is able to maximise support by networking with organisations sharing opposition to the development
  • Identify new potential partners and ensuring the campaign is able to reach out to them with appropriate messaging and information;
  • Ensuring that potential partners already identified are followed up appropriately
  1. Coordinating the activities of the various sub-groups of the campaign by ensuring that tasks are not dropped between groups
  1. Facilitating the operation of the Campaign
  • Helping to facilitate meetings of the campaign and minutes (either arranging someone else or doing the task oneself)
  • Implementing those decisions of the campaign group needing a full-time/part-time assistant to implement
  • Supporting the communications portfolio holder for the OCA in distributing information
  • Supporting the production of materials where appropriate

Skills and experience required:

  1. Strong organisational skills – demonstrable in having organised similar kinds of campaigns/activities
  1. High level of digital and IT skills
  1. Active in civil society space
  1. Networking skills

Desirable skills and experience:

  1. Media or journalistic skills
  1. Participation with social movements or community struggles
  1. Identification with or understanding of Khoi history and heritage

Duration depends on what funding we obtain

Hours – paid per hour up to an agreed maximum

Applicants are asked to:

  1. Write a motivation letter explaining why the want they job and believe they have skills for the job;
  1. Submit evidence in a CV/portfolio of skills and experience for the job
  1. Contact details for three contactable referees

Applications should be sent via email to [email protected]