OCA Talk: Dr Helen Robinson on the history of the Liesbeek

The Observatory Civic Association invites you to a talk by Dr Helen Robinson, author of Villages of the Liesbeek: from the Sea to the Source.

Date: Wed 10 October 6.30pm to 8pm

Venue: NA Room, Observatory Community Centre

Dr Robinson’s recent book documents the history of the inhabitants who lived along this once very fertile countryside of the Liesbeeck River. Her research has explored the engagements between indigenous people and early settlers, and how land was taken from local herders in the creation of a new colony. She also describes the situation of the slaves, some of whom later married into prominent Dutch families. Whilst the struggling communities lived in hope and despair, the more affluent residents were buying and selling the land of today’s historic homesteads which once belonged to the indigenous people.

The history of the area is featuring prominently in the contestation over heritage matters affecting the planning and development applications for the River Club and the Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP).

The discussion at this event may help the Observatory Civic Association develop its position in relation to the recent advertisement by the City proposing to rezone the River Club from private open space to allow heavy development opportunities on that site. (See a recent notice for proposed rezoning here).

All welcome!