OBSID Communication to City of Cape Town

14 Apr 2020

The included letter ( READ HERE ) has been drafted with the unanimous support of the full Board of Directors of the Observatory Improvement District NPC.

We acknowledge the enormous strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the City of Cape Town’s departments and functions and the resultant pressure teams have been placed under to ensure compliance with the National Disaster Management Regulations in an ever-changing environment – specifically as regards those living on the streets (referred to as homeless people in the Regulations).

We remain committed to emerging from this crisis with stronger relationships with our community and with our key partners in the public, business and NGO sectors.

We appeal for CIDs to be included in further operational planning as we are on the ground and well equipped to share insights into and knowledge about our communities – regardless of what structure they choose to call home.

We look forward to engaging further with you on this challenging aspect of the COVID-19 response.

Kind regards,
Amanda Kirk
Chief Executive Officer