Obs resident of over 40 years and former OCA deputy chair Sheila Barsel wrote:

Dearest Hanekom family – I shall be with you all from my home connecting via You Tube. I commend the Kallie commitment to so many fronts and struggles – he was immense in that he took so seriously the determination to making a difference to the country, the continent and the world. I never understood nor connected with his deep deep connection to the church and Catholicism but that did not prevent us from debating and working on other sites of the struggle for a free land in our lifetimes. Kallie’s courage and bravery and his incorruptible beliefs was a beacon to many of us as he became a role model… And Braam {Kallie’s son, named after another great Afrikaner Braam Fischer -editor} as you and I have gotten to know, love and respect each other in the different sites of struggle which we engage I can see sooo much of how Kallie transmitted that energy. effervescence and bounciness to his offspring as well as to all of us as it enveloped us.

As we say a formal goodbye to Kallie today we know that his spirit lives on in many ways – as is evidenced by these vast memories, love and discussions that his passing has sparked. Hambe Kahle Umkhonto. Kallie, your spear will be picked up by many

With much love and respect to this entire family of Hanekoms who have taken up the spear in many different ways.