Notice of submission of River Club HIA to HWC for comment

Dear Stakeholder

As well as the release of the pre-application Basic Assessment Report (BAR) for stakeholder engagement (refer below), the final Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA – including all stakeholder comments submitted during consultation on this document) has been submitted to Heritage Western Cape (HWC) for consideration and comment by their Impact Assessment Committee (IACom – we anticipate at the next IACom meeting scheduled for 22 August 2019).

The final Heritage Impact Assessment (dated July 2019) and appendices are appended to the BAR and is available at the following link:

As a stakeholder, you have a right to be present at the HWC IACom meeting, and to make representations when the matter is considered should you wish to do so.

Please refer to the IACom meeting agenda notice for confirmation of the date and time at which the HWC IACom will consider the matter:

Kind regards
Amy Hill BSC (Hons)(Biodiversity and Ecology)
Environmental Consultant


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