Notice: Building violations in Obs

Dear Obs residents

Building work can generate noise but builders are expected to comply with the National Building Regulations (here) at all time. This means that, although they are not restricted from working after hours, they are restricted from construction activities generating excessive noise that ‘unreasonably disturbs or interferes with the amenity of the neighbourhood’ at specific times:

  • on Sundays and public holidays;
  • before 6am;
  • after 5pm on a Saturday;
  • and after 6pm on a weekday.

Should you be subjected to noise that fails in these times, and that disturbs you, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Building Inspector for Table Bay district, Mr Rafeeq Fisher.

There are different ways you can lodge a complaint:

  • You can email Mr Fischer at [email protected]
  • You can all Mr Fischer at 084 918 2013 or 021 400 6568
  • You can log a complaint online with the City via the C1 process here

We would also recommend that when you lodge your complaint, you alert the Chief Building Control officer, Mr Benito Cogill at [email protected] by copying him on correspondence. You must also make sure you get a reference number so that you can track your complaint..

The OCA would like to monitor how quickly the Building Inspectors attend to problems like these in our suburb, so if you are going to lodge a noise complaint for a building inspector to follow up, the OCA would like be kept informed. Please use the email address [email protected] to copy your complaint or alert us via that email address.

– Leslie, OCA Large Development Group