LSDF – Where are the documents on which you are asked to comment?

They are available here at Comment on the draft Two Rivers Local Spatial Development Framework.

There are two sets of documents on the site. One is the main Local Spatial Development Plan (LSDF) with a few expert reports (not all). The other is a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) being conducted simultaneously with the main LSDF. The HIA has a special annex which is a report of views from interviews with a set of First Nation leaders.

What comments are required?

The City is seeking comments on both plans, so if you are going to comment, remember to submit two sets of different comments. Comments do not have to be long but they do have to be motivated:

If you do not have time to read the 800+ pages of documents that comprise all the reports and annexures, we have prepared a proforma with some of the key issues from which you can draw arguments (by no means comprehensive). Please see the two links to the “COMMENTS” above.

All by December 17th latest midnight! Please remember to copy [email protected] when you submit any comments.

Remember also that:

  1. The River Club heritage protection order appeal is still to be considered by the Appeal Tribunal in Feb 2020. It appears the River Club developers have now found some supporters amongst the Khoi leaders since admitting in 2018 they did not consult the Khoi when first steamrolling ahead with their development.  Look forward to notification of the Feb hearing, it promises to be exciting!
  2. Simultaneously, Liesbeek Leisure Properties continue to press ahead with their approval for the River Club mega-development under NEMA. We commented on the BAR earlier this year. They have responded to a critique by HWC on their Heritage Impact Assessment but their response appears to be aimed at discrediting any Khoi representatives who oppose the development.  A revised BAR will need to be issued. We have worked with other individuals and organizations to put together a Liesbeek Action Campaign at where you can get more information and sign up for the LAC newsletter.

Remember also that the OCA Large Development Group is still in need of a Convenor and the OCA is still identifying a secretary, both very important positions for the OCA. If you would like to volunteer or have suggestions, let us know.

Thanks for stepping up to this plate, hopefully, the last plate of 2019 and you can take a well-deserved rest after that and have a great holiday.

All the best for the New Year