Local elections: opening hours for voting stations on Monday 1 November

The IEC has confirmed the opening hours for our voting stations on Monday:
All booths will open on Monday morning, at 7:00.
They will then close later that night, at 21:00.
In total, you will have 14 hours in which you can cast your ballot.

IEC on FB: https://www.facebook.com/IECSouthAfrica
REMEMBER, to vote in Municipal Elections you must go to the voting station where you are registered to vote.

Voting stations:
– Observatory Junior School (VD 97090375)
– Zonnebloem Nest Senior School (VD 7090364)
– Queens Park High School (VD 97090320)
– Blackpool Sports Centre (VD 97092085)
– Hartleyvale Sports Stadium (VD 97090566)
– Rhodes High School (VD 97090577)
– Mowbray Town Hall (VD 97092366)
– Thandokhulu High School (VD 97092108)

To check where you are registered:
• SMS your ID number to 32810 (R1 per SMS)
• Go to https://bit.ly/3AOpUfv and check AM I REGISTERED?
• Phone the Electoral Commission Contact Centre at 0800 11 8000 (only operational during elections)
“What’s the point of voting if my vote will not make a difference?” Your vote will always matter. Your local municipality is there to make sure that the community has basic services. Your local municipality is also responsible for the wellbeing of your community. So vote and take part in deciding who might best serve your community in the municipality. Your X will leave a mark
DID YOU KNOW? You can’t take photos behind the voting booth or of your ballot paper! But you can take a selfie once you’re outside the voting station.This is to protect the secrecy of your ballot and that of others.
Remember to mask up and bring your Identity Document.
If you live in a Metro, you will have the following two ballots:
• The Yellow ballot is to vote for a political party to represent you on the Metropolitan Council.
• The Grey and White ballot is to vote for a candidate to represent your ward on the Metropolitan Council.
Video explainer on Municipal elections: https://youtu.be/5YesNyEEDeE
A visual guide: https://mg.co.za/politics/2021-10-25-local-elections-2021-a-visual-guide-to-what-to-expect/