Letters to the editor

Dear Edwin,

Thanks for your friendly newsletter that is always very welcome.

I would like to mention that there’s a lovely new St Luke’s Charity shop in Durham Rd on the right as you go down off Main Rd. It’s diagonally down from the Forensic Labs on the left. Lovely staff. It’s open from 07h30 to 15h30, Mondays to Fridays and from 08h30 to 12h30 on Saturdays. Phone number for the shop is: 0609985317. I have found some lovely treasures there. Really well worth a visit. To be confirmed, but I some time ago, I heard that St Luke’s survives on donations and apparently they don’t get support from the Govt. Please don’t publish the last sentence. 🙂

Keep warm.
With kindest regards and thanks again.




If anyone is interested, I have a few hundred whale and marine artefacts about 170 years old and some up to thousand and million years old.
They are all stashed away at present and I am looking to find a spot to exhibit them, preferably in Obs.
I used to be a Whaling Inspector, International Whaling Observer and Fisheries Inspector.

Ex Obs oukie
Ken Botes