Join our protest on 12th November at Liesbeek River to coincide with the end of COP26

Dear Friends and supporters of the Liesbeek Action Campaign

As you know, our nomination of the Two Rivers Urban Park for provincial heritage status in early 2020 was only processed by Heritage Western Cape in July this year. However, the HWC Council, when it met in July, agreed that the site is so important, that they put it forward to the South African Heritage Agency (SAHRA) to declare the entire park, which include the River Club development site, a national heritage resource. SAHRA are currently in the process of grading the area, whilst the developers continue to barrel ahead with construction, pouring concrete as fast as possible, before our court action to interdict the development and review the approval decisions in the Cape Town High Court. Our interdict, lodged jointly by the Observatory Civic Association and the Goringhaicona Khoi-Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council, will be heard on the 24th and 25th November….