In memoriam

Michael Williams had been on the streets of Observatory for the best part of 20 years. To him Observatory was his home. Amongst the street based community he had brothers and sisters that he regarded as family.

Michael passed away on Sunday 28th of May 2023, a day before his birthday. The street based community and other friends had a memorial service for him the next day and wished him happy birthday. They will remember him as a friend, someone they used to visit on his corner. He will be remembered for being outspoken, funny and stubborn.

Michael wanted to be left alone and didn’t take up any offers of assistance. As difficult it was for the OBSID social development team to see his situation, his decisions and choices had to be respected. The team accepted that his ways were not their ways – a decision he stood by to his last days.

May his soul rest in peace, he will surely be remembered in Observatory.