Help us combat misinformation

Hi everyone.

In our last meeting we discussed the fact that the River Club Facebook page posts sponsored content relating to jobs and things in favour of the development. Their page is about a golf course, and it goes against Facebook’s guidelines meaning they are not allowed to discuss anything political, social issues, etc without stating that is the purpose of their page.
We can’t afford someone to serve as a media monitor so I suggested everyone keep an eye out for that kind of content and report it as it comes up. You can either report it as “False information” or “Something else” (see image below). When prompted as to why you find it problematic, I have drafted a standard response which can be used. “This Facebook page is about a golf course. Yet they are going against Facebook guidelines by regularly creating and paying for sponsored content that spreads misinformation about social issues and political issues such as redevelopment of a heritage site and providing poor people jobs.”

Nadine Dirks
(LAC coordinator)