Green shoots — five new forests spring up in Cape Town

The first SUGi pocket forest in South Africa is the pilot forest in Philippi, located on the KT Grows Organics which is now two years and five months old.(Photo: Christian Helgi for Mzanzi Organics)

Kristin Engel – 27 May 2024

New urban pocket forests have sprouted around Cape Town in Langa, Mitchells Plain, Bo-Kaap, Pinelands and Philippi. They were planted using the Japanese Miyawaki afforestation technique, transforming vulnerable urban spaces into thriving green spaces that support biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.

Using the Miyawaki afforestation technique for cultivating fast-growing groves of native plants, with the dense, mixed planting intended to simulate the layers of a natural forest, Mzanzi Organics together with local primary schools has planted 800 indigenous trees and shrubs in 200 sq m of Langa, establishing the area’s first forest…