Financial Report June 2019

from Joy Robinson – Please find attached figures for the first 2 months of the financial year ie to the end of May 2019. Figures for the same period last year are also attached. Expenditure-wise, the difference in the bottom line for April 2019 compared to May relates to the R10,277.28 legal fees for the Malta Park opinion, paid to Adv De Jager/Attorney Massyn. Otherwise minor differences accounting fees and bank charges both up a little for May. Printing and stationery, repairs and maintenance both down. Income was overall down by R1261.99 due to no membership fees received in May and less interest onthe money market account. Car park income is pretty stable. Compared to the same period last year, overall income is down and overall expenses are down even more, so we are slightly better off. We are still waiting for the City to ratify the lease and make a decision about the arrears, as you will have seen in De Vos’s report relating to the car park. This, unfortunately, means we cannot go forward with any new plans for the car park until these issues are finalized.