Dr Diana Ferrus and the Mengelmoes Digters – A Poetry evening

The Mengelmoes digters/poets came into being in 2013 at the Breytenbach centre in Wellington. They were formed during the time when Dr Diana Ferrus presented and facilitated poetry workshops at the Centre. They have since read at various festivals and published a few anthologies. They will be participating in different festivals this year and to kick off their journey they are coming to the Koena Art Institute.

Members will read from their old and new works. This work covers many current topics in a brave and honest way. They will also share some light moments.
The audience will have an opportunity to engage with the writers. There will also be an open mic session so poets and budding poets are welcome to participate!!

Koena Art Institute – Unity in Diversity

Date: 3 July 2022
Time: 3pm
Enquiries and reservation: [email protected]

No Mask, No Entry. Koena Art Institute – Where culture and excellence Meet.

Endorsed by the Department of Arts And Culture.
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