Days of reckoning – we are in court November 24 and 25!!

24 OCT 2021 —

After having to cross many legal hurdles over the past few months, the Judge President of the Western Cape High Court confirmed that our interdict to stop the development at the River Club will be heard on the 24th and 25th November. This will be followed later by part B of the application which will seek a review of the decisions to approve the rezoning of the site, to award the Environmental Authorisation for the development, and to reject both our appeals.

Despite notifying the developers on more than one occasion of the forthcoming High Court application, they have pressed ahead, working weekends and overtime to get their concrete in the ground – as you can see in the above photo.

However, we are confident that our case will be shown to be entirely valid. Let the justice system decide what is correct for the people of Cape Town and South Africa…