Crime reporting

There is a significant gap between the incidents reported to OBSID and the number of reports to SAPS. This is a serious problem because: a) budget and resources are allocated on cases reported. You may have noticed a drop in SAPS patrols – the only way to fix this is with the crimes that do happen being reported. b) criminal elements have moved into long-standing (and non criminal) informal resident communities. This is threatening their safety and social work efforts. Three crimes were conducted by these individuals in the last week. But none of these were reported as victims said they “felt sorry” for the individuals.
By not reporting these crimes these individuals will continue to commit crime and risk the work and safety of other informal residents. Crime is crime and without reporting will grow

Note – you can report at 1011, SAPS Woodstock or ask the patrol van to take your report at your home (when they are free).
Contact details are as follows:
10111 Police Flying Squad
021 442-3121 Woodstock Police office
021 447-1066 OBSID Control room
+27 74 636 9933 OBSID Control WhatsApp number