Covid-19: The Strandfontein Relocation Camp is a test of our morality as a city

NEWS | By GroundUp• 14 April 2020

Thousands of Capetonians object to the way the City is treating homeless people during the lockdown

First published by GroundUp .

This past week, the City of Cape Town began moving homeless people living on the street to a relocation camp that is being constructed on the Strandfontein Sports Ground. The City anticipates that the camp will eventually accommodate up to two thousand people.

The crisis that we are facing exposes more acutely the depth of poverty and inequality in Cape Town. As the regulations and lockdown begin to bite, too many people are hungry and without a home or access to opportunities to survive.

The crisis calls on all of us to nurture a deeper and more profound sense of our shared humanity, to act with overwhelming generosity and to ensure the most vulnerable residents do not suffer harm. Although the City must take measures to contain the virus, we expect politicians and city officials to lead with moral integrity and compassion.

The crisis may limit some of our freedoms and civil rights, but requires us to reaffirm our commitment to protecting basic human rights and respecting human dignity – without excuses or exceptions.

We share a history in this city of trauma, of forced removals, of dislocation and displacement. Our Constitution affirms our common desire to heal the past. No matter the emergency, we cannot condone any action by the state which we know will rupture our society once again. This generation has an obligation to pass on a more equal city to our children.

We object to the Strandfontein relocation camp because:

  • We have heard the concerns of homeless people who fear being detained and disconnected from the relationships, programmes and professional support services that help them survive each day.
  • We have heard from the organisations that support homeless people how they called for comprehensive plans but were excluded from assisting. Where people’s liberty and agency is limited, we expect the City of Cape Town to put in place adequate measures to ensure people are taken care of. Instead, the emphasis on detention over dignity is causing predictable frustration and anger and a reliance on law enforcement to manage the basic functions of the relocation camp. The ongoing threat of violence is clear.
  • We have heard the concerns of public health doctors who cannot understand how the relocation camp keeps homeless people and the city safe from the spread of COVID-19. In fact, it makes homeless people more vulnerable to infection because basic precautions have not been put in place. People are crowded into tents and forced to queue for food and toilets. There are no attempts to sanitise surfaces regularly or ensure regular hand washing. While there is screening on arrival, the conditions mean that an asymptomatic person could easily spread the infection once inside. Bringing together thousands of people who are likely to have acute medical needs, compromised immune systems, or are living with HIV and TB, may do more harm than good.
  • We have heard the concerns of social workers who question what provision is being made to assist people with mental health issues, or those suffering from withdrawal owing to substance and alcohol abuse. Forced and involuntary withdrawals can be deadly and need to be managed carefully.
  • We have heard from women and survivors of gender based violence about the extreme vulnerability of women, children, disabled and LGBTQI + people. Strandfontein relocation camp does not have the means to protect vulnerable people and provide refuge from or an adeqaute response to rape, abuse and assault.
  • We have heard the concerns of lawyers and human rights monitors about the way homeless people are being taken and detained inside the camp and their fears that the situation is violating basic human rights.
  • We have heard from neighbours who know how cold and damp this part of the city can get in the winter and who know things can only get worse.

We share the following position:

  • The City of Cape Town must support alternatives, including opening smaller temporary shelters in buildings across the city. Volunteers across this city are willing to do what is necessary to ensure that any local initiatives are safe, supported and integrated into community networks.
  • The City of Cape Town must open up public buildings and work with local NGOs, associations and religious communities who wish to open their doors and provide refuge. In the interim, public taps and toilets must be opened for homeless people who are still on the street and do not have access to running water.
  • If the City of Cape Town chooses to continue, then the relocation camp must be given the highest priority and funding to ensure that it stops the virus from spreading, is safe, and respects the human rights and dignity of all people. No homeless person should be forced to enter the relocation camp against their will where alternatives exist.
  • The City of Cape Town must grant unhindered access to journalists and accredited human rights observers immediately.

While we know homeless people will carry the burden of suffering during the crisis, whatever happens at Strandfontein relocation camp will affect the health of all of us. This is a test of our morality as a city – it is clear that everyone will bear the consequences.

Note – This letter was written for everyone in Cape Town and does not represent the views of any particular group or organisation. It’s an initiative started by a few volunteers from different Community Action Networks that have come together to fight Covid-19. It was sent to Mayor Dan Plato on behalf of the individuals named on Monday 13 April 2020.

Serawit Bekele
Neil Cole
Mogamad Miller
Abdul Aziz Noordien
Rashaad Richards
Euleen Henry
Thaakirah Behardien
Andre de Jager
Deirdre Alexander
Randolph Penny
Anjumara Khan
Jerome Johnston
Sandra Fredericks
Junaid Daries
Ayanda Josie-Perez
Sharon Prince
Joan Daries
Chad Africa.
Livia Kettenring
Livia Kettenring
Liefie Carney
kai werner
Rudolph de Girardier
Quinton Norman
Keone Abrahams
Genevieve Stewart
Roselene Bell
Mishka Shanglee
Desiree liberty
Nadiyah Wentzel
Megan letsoalo
Nathaniel Beukes
Patrick Herbert
Nazeema Jinoo
Beverley Japhta
Zahrah Cooper
Cheslyn youle
Walter May
Ruby-Ann Muller
Naseer abbass
Mario Oostendurp
Mogamat Damon
Nazley Payne
Zenda Davidson
Yusuf de Villiers
Sedicka Hendricks
Fardeel cornish
Chantal cornish
Rasheed Basadien
Nafeesah majal
Mishka De Klerk
Jason James
Rameez Oosterwyk
Moenieba Abrahams
Nathan Cheemee
Shafiq Jones
Mujaahid Jones
Niyaaz Benjamin
Dustin Le Roux
Chandre Small
Zeena Adriaanse
Zagrah Adams
Jessica Jacobs
Erin Pick
Erin Pick
Cheryl Beukes
David Leetjer
Shaheedah Watson
Whaleed Watson
Monique Maneveld
Michael Oryan
Tania Sampson
Cassandra Poromano
Adrian Muller
Kyle davids
Shundor Martin
David bolton
Anthea Williams
Alwyn William
Kashiefa Williams
Christel Davids
Andrea holmes
KAYLA small
Monique Maneveld
Khashifah Heynes
Vernon Japhta
Faiek De Klerk
Verna Heaton
Tiffany Weaver
Ra Grainger
Tasneem Trussell
Ubdieya Barden
Charles Trussell
Shaheed Jardine
Desree Cornelius
Astrid Matthys
Khaysuraan Benjamin
Tashnell Petersen
Mishka Jagger
Samantha Isaacs
S Van Heerden
Mariam edwatds
Brent Du Plooy
Allison Galant
Florence Ncube
Egsn Duminy
Laylah Basadien
Riyaad Basadien
Kelly Hendricks
Nadine Hartley
Suraya Abdulla
Colette Naude
Samantha Arends
Janet Coetzee
Janet Coetzee
Bronwyn Solecki
carlo links
Tania Eyden
Nobulali Jadezweni
LeeAnn Campher
Jefferson Jackson
Noncedo Madubedube
Mnqobi Ngubane
Tanya Rossouw
Sara Lancaster
David Kapp
Algonda Perez
A x
Joshua Massey
Steven Lottering
Melvyn Letier
Jeanne Alblas
Jane battersby
Noël Jonkers
Theana Neveling
Katharine Angier
Katharine Angier
Gil Marsden
Rosy Eming
Denile Samuel
Skylar Adams
Shirley Walters
Zelda Lategan
carissa cupido
Claire McGuinness
Yolanda Galloway
Taryn Jacobs
Saskia Druyan
Saskia Druyan
Anthony de Klerk
Gasant Salie
Moegsien Williams
Nadia Mayman
Zeenat Moos
Glenda Geswindt
Ruth-Ann Vollenhoven
Amina Baker
Faldie Mosoval
Jonathan Cupido
Ikraam Arendse
Patsy Benjamin
Josephine Jantzen
Shahieda Africa
Ladovica Gordon
Ladovica Gordon
Shirley Gray
Shahied Africa
Luqman Larry
Hester Koen
Gurshwyn Dixon
Leigh Fernley
Anelize Mclaren
Fiona Ross
Liesl Prinsloo
Kay Lorentz
Liz Tanner
Minette van As
Nonhlanhla Gangeni
Desiree Jacobs
Jaco Botha
Kevin Pretorius
Ntandoyenkosi Mlambo
Anne Hahn
Thersia Terblanche
Shirley Lowe
Tara Boraine
Daphne Orkin
Louise Blatch
Keira Powers
Diana Samassa
Tiaan Strauss
Natasha King
Annika Lipp
Mbali Hokoana Hadebe
Marianne Gysae-Edkins
Lillian Malindi
Claudia lopes
Sarah Henkeman
Tania Katzschner
Anna van esch
Melissa Fourie
ingrid masondo
Simone Abrahams
Carina Lücke
Adele gordon
Daneka Meyer
Dr Lucy Graham
Carly Brown
notmy name
Atma van Jaarsveld
J Fuller
Vanya Gastrow
Kirstin OSullivan
Christoph Flueck
Wendy purdon
Stha Yeni
Sandy Buchanan
SArita Ranchod
Julia Nicola
Talli pachter
Zaraah Bartlett
Jodine Petersen
Don Ross
E. Silberman
Aleya Dugmore
Erin Fester
Annie Krike
Megan Doening
Michelle Ferguson
Alrich Rooy
Juanel van der Walt
Jay Pather
Rob Stegmann
Gillian Sharpe
Ashley Fischhoff
Colijn Strydom
Fabio Diaz
walter Nyamugama
Connor O’Brien
Jodi Allemeier
Dalia katz
Carol howell
Isabel Ritchie
Viwe Smith
Clinton Herring
Eric Miller
Lucia Brain
Liane Swift
Justine jowell
Landman Bester
Sarah Katz
RD Wallace
Marie Louise Kellett
Nick Lear
Lindsay suter
Stuart lowe
Voumani Madonko
Magnolia flynn
Clare Kerr
Merryn Carver
Sally Bingham
Paula Ensor
June Luna
Jaco Oelofsen
Cecile vinokur
Michele shepherd
Michele shepherd
Phillip Marchant
Shirley Marchant
Judy thomson
Tory Madden
Michael Hendricks
Chad Son
Vinayak Bhardwaj
Janice King
Vivien Hobbs
Ruchi Chaturvedi
Limpho Moeti
Liezel Vermeulen
A de Waal
William Leith
Jaya Josie
Karen O’Donoghue
Briony Chisholm
Rodain Joubert
Ntsiki Anderson
Riyadh Karodia
Ingrid Woolard
Fae Fabre
Kate Gray
Jodi Williams
Dehlia Dalrymple
Jessica McCarter
Judy Tobler
Cindy gabriel
Olivia Krok
Barak Morgan
Kayla Brown
Carin Abramovitz
Taiji Morgan
Daniel Hartford
Levita McGregor
athene knemeyer
Jane Edge
Fiona Archer
Linda McNair
Linda Shirley Martindale
Megan Jackson
Jodi ramsay
Nicky Isaacs
Lynette Resnick
R Potgieter
Lezelle Frank
Rebecca Lund
Riyaaz Ismail
Natheem Isaacs
Roshan Galvaan
Muhammad Arshaad
Musaddiq Isaacs
Hishaam Sterras
Elaine Curry
Anthony Fish
Anthony Fish
bianca sossen
Grace Harrison
Celeste Amoo
Doret Ferreira
Nkosi Chama
Dana L
Valerie Anderson
Gwynneth Roberts
Avis Fisher (Ms)
Fiona du Plooy
Barry Saunders
Natalie M Bent
Alex Veldsman
Ruby Klazen
Mandy Moussouris
Jessica Blom
Theodore Lawrence
Zayd Gabru
Dane Van Der Berg
Kerry Harding
Emma Daitz
Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
Peter Machen
Juanita Dorrington
Nelleke Meintjes
Tammy Carter
Leandra Scheepers
Wynand Breytenbach
Suzanne van Zyl
Rebecca Stead
Wendy Stead
HJ Human
Simone Kirsch
Peter Tarantal
Kate Smith
Giuliana Cockcroft
Rebecca Stead
Megan Robertson
Cara Hepher
Wendy Stead
Joanna Douglas-Smith
Michael Page
Sue Page
Cindy-Lou Forster
Andrew Mackenzie
Lucille Moran
Marianne Kapp
Robyn Jacobs
Maria Mackenzie
Kathleen Bowen
Charnelle Avontuur
Charlotte Bogle
Lynette January
Monwabisi Dyantyi
Nawaal Howa
Donnia Krotz
John Davids
Gamieda Abrahams
Waheed badrodien
Razack Karriem
Johan de Meyer
Devona Adams
Noma Masemula
Kayla Majiet
Emma Raisun
Kirsten Stanton
Charmaine Koppehel
Gila simons
Janice Botha
susan didcott
Life Ndlovu
Derek Harrison
Bridget McCarthy
Nobuntu Penxa Matholeni
Jenni Pringle
Jane Bennett
Dalene Stevenson
Gina Brits
Pixxie Makgabenyane
Giorgia Fiorella Nicolò
Annie Nisenson
Jacqui Ahrends
Maggie Litgee
Lisa Chait
Alma Viviers
Benjamin Lunsky
Billie Gootkin
Kelli Lunsky
Anna Selmeczi
Ayal Belling
Tessa Moll
Zazie Khan
Rosemary Lombard
Justin smith
Erica Coetzee
Simone Gregor
Jonathan Shock
Mark Rountree
Jess Cash
Renee Rossouw
Joanna Glanville
Hedley Twidle
Caryn Gootkin
Rael Gootkin
Emily Vining
Brad Brockman
Kayli Simpson
Zena kruss van der heever
Anne Laitinen
Dr N J Gibson
Danai Musandu
Carla Robb
Sydelle Smith
Ashley W Judd
Robyn Humphreys
Aurora Drummer
Hannelie Bezuidenhout
Chloe Solomon
Michael Clark
Ariane De Lannoy
Sapna Mesthrie
Maya Schkolne
Ramaisela molala
Lesle’ Moore
Paul Mesarcik
Elvira Wilm-Schmidt
Christel Antonites
Catherine Hofmeyr
Gregory Bassett
Lynn Watkins
Mireille webb
Michela Collett
Hazel Friedman
Dom De villiers
Vlada Popova
Patricia Manshon
Wendy Lindsay
Faizel Petersen
Abdul Malick
Kayla Marshall
Anthea Poole
Hanlie Cronje
Leila Weideman
Jonathan Philips
Philippe Pringiers
Mrs. Elizabeth Groepe
thomas groepe
Qaanita Jacobs
Lorna Houston
Rehana Khan Parker
Anthea Jacobs
Frank Molteno
Marilyn van der Westhuizen
A Adonis
Karen Graaff
Janice Winter
Simon Winter
Christine Swart
Bradley Mallett
Hilary Dennis
Andrew Brose
oliver nurock
Brenna Excell
Jason Ronnie
Zayd Minty
Bev Gillespie
Vera von Lieres
Danna Gordon
Yashmeen Khan
Aryan Kaganof
Jacques Mbebe
Palesa mongoako
Vanessa Boer
Cea Jamal
Shamiela Dout
Emma Brewster
Sandra Auras
Emily Marshall
Anne Cameron
Margriet Knaap
Janet van Graan
Amrain Ismail Essop
Roxanne Bradnick
Theresa Robinson
Luke de Kock
Wade de Kock
Vanessa de Kock
Pamela Petersen
Michael Kelderman
Fatimah Rodrigues
Shirley Ellis
Mark Joshua
Mathilda Joffe
Mayra Hartmann
Eve Heyns
Zulfah Hendricks
John Heymann
Shannon Morreira
Kat Tingle
Bronwyn Hodges
Tjarla Norton
Tara Gelle
D. Braunlich
Jenny Barenbrug
Bronya Hirschman
Marcelle Lyons
Liesl Peters
Melanie Bradshaw
Shanaaz Samaai
Ingrid Roderick
Marcelle Lyons
Linda Lloyd
Garth Spencer-Smith
Mary Mercer
Jemima Spring
Ytsa szkudlarek
Elaine Lizzi
Angela Mathee
Axolile Notywala
Juliet Paulse
Dominique Dix-Peek
Alia Kajee
Tshepo Motloung
Lweendo Hamukoma
Larske Soepnel
Samantha Derham
Claire Rousell
Katarina Jungar
Nadia P
Kyla Davis
Simon Crawley
Lene Overland
Lameah vardalia
Noma Vilana
Rumbie Elizabeth Chidoori
Rumbie Elizabeth Chidoori
Nobuhle N
Boitumelo Malepe
Jutta Holzapfel
Santa Buchanan
John Zeederberg
Ariadne Petousis
Amber Olaleye
Manya van Ryneveld
Kathryn Muller
Marina Turvey-Green
Simon Abbott
David Viljoen
Liz Aspeling
Nicky Bo
Sven Lite
Natalie Schoonraad
Shivani M
James Veicth
Gen Burns
Sue Isserow
Renaldo Smit
Jason Smit
Caroline Powell
Catherine Williams
Nikita Botha
Grant Stewart
Sue Cooper
David Waldman
Samantha de Wet
Namisa Mdlalose
Taryn Galloway
Charlotte Marais
rhoda isaacs
Sally Medley
Di Hewitson
Lisa Kriel
S. Higgins
Beverley Paulsen
Beatrice Boise
Jamiela Moerat
Bonnie Parrott
Patrick, Peter, Boise
Nicky Vigeland
Felix Barends
Shanaz Nordien
S Suffla
Gregory Vlotman
Veronica Miller
Yasin Khan
Tasneem solomon
Thandikaya Ezra Ncosani
Wayne Mabhuti Kala
Nkosikhona Swaartbooi
Mphumezi Mpongwana
Theo Mayekiso
Samantha Robb
Jeanette Terblanche
Eloise Meindl
Rosamond Fox
Brendan Fox
Edward Katz
mike irwin
Katy Roberts
Jessica Wright
Brenda Snyman
Vanessa van Wyk
J A Crossley
Holle wlokas
Guy Chaston
Alexana Stott
Clive Bradford
Björn Herold
Roger Coert
Roger Coert
Adam-Jarryd Radloff
Tania Melnyczuk
Zoey Black
Dilshaan Jagger
Shahid Jagger
Lizanne Laven
Karel Thomas August
Lauren Julies
Carlo Fortune
Shaun B
Nolene Van Der Merwe
Joscelyn Beukes
Robyn Pokpas
Dango Mwambene
Gary Frier
Estelle Silence
Ashwell Silence
Rodney Cupido
Saundra Cupido
Courtney Cupido
Jacqueline Frier
Caroline West
Nico Alberts
Keshia Smit
Mandisa Dyantyi
Claudette Koen
Sangeeta Bisnath
Patrick Jordi
Brenda Gunning
Gary Gunning
Riyadh Omardien
Kirstin van Bever Donker
Kate Obree
Sanchia Varley
William Archer
Paul Geddes
Mzikhona Mgedle
Wendy Gibbs
Llyle Stevens
Faizel Moosa
Chantell Witten
Denise Padayachee
Denise Padayachee
Maryke Coetzee
Shu-aib Appleby
Danielle Carls
Lyndal Pottier
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Uno Pereira
Vanessa Ludwig
Maistoerah Mohamed
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Clint Collins
Sam Grass
Riefqa Sterris
Lynn van Rensburg
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Trasi Henen
Siyabulela Mbalo
Siyabulela Mbalo
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Wendy Felicity Staak
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Don Oliver
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Alison Kruger
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Asanda Jezilr
Karl Nhlanhla Hadebe
Mrs Simiso Hadebe
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Linda Baumgarten
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Ricardo Sloster
Revival Centre Ministries
Revival Centre Ministries
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Renee Johnd
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lorezo Johnson
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Yusuf George
Thaakirah Tape
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Lesley Charnock
Graham Charnock
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Natalie Hirschman
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Claire Gregorowski
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Mark Barron
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Amy Hartmann
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Yolisa Vuza
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Thembela Kosani
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Ren Bartlett
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Kay-Marie Dhuyvetter
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D. Diedericks
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Shandre Miller
Gerhard Jansen
Wesley Castle
Sandra Hartogh
Isaac Alie
DeVoe Johnson
Jonathan Dreyer
Jamie-Lee November
Joan Rossouw
Nazirah Davids
Stephen Petersen
Teela Osborne
Jamie Isaacs
Alex Durrell
Jody Desmore
Maxine Ovis-Arrison
Edmund Arrison
Dane James
joshua willenberg
Jamie Dullisear
L Combrinck
Neville G Pasqualle
Tania Pretorius
Thor Fredericks
Godfrey Johnson
Erin Hartogh
Marcell Jackson
Shonna Smith
Dale Oxche
Angelo koff
Elizabeth Highburg
Bradley Marcus
Maxine Smith
Shameega Emjedi
Zulpha Muhammad
Marshall Jardine
Lisa Dyere
Nadine Salie
Cheryl Lewis
Andrew Anthony
Ashlry Herringer
Agneta Henry
Ramsey Samuels
Avril Vrede
Asma Harrison
P. Adams
Lynne Brink
Asma Harrison
Jeneane Naidoo
Ashley Weavers
Shamira De Roos
Wafeeq puckree
Clint Thebus
Liam Brink
Jeremy Neethling
Lincoln Brown
Megan Johns
Megan Johns
Michael Davids
Nayvin pillay
Jenna Julius
Charnae Klein
Mr B Eksteen
Monique Thomas
Lauren Walters
CJ Fombe
Vinola Jacobs
Kathy Stewart
Anton Tait
Melanie van Wyk
Therese Brinkcate
Elise Otten
Zuraida Dramat
Vonny Booysen
Tracey Heeger
Kirsten Morreira
Tabitha Bailey
Veena Vassen
Angus Kelly
Aleksandra Djordjevic-Domagala
Sebastian Domegalu
Bruce Nicolson
Beverly Stevens
Sheila Amery
Marianne Wagner
Masego mahao
Nadia De Klerk
Cristi Little
Marjorie Smith
Michael Graaf
Khegan Delport
Jessica Garbe
Aliya Ferguson
Minette Coetzee
JENNY Luxton
Hayley Tomes
Justin Dingle
Katriena van der Poll
Zera Day
Natasha Viljoen
Lauren Beukes
Ena Jansen
orli setton
Robyn Schaffner
Paula Mortonson
Julie Stigling
Kate Cronin
Kyla Hazell
Valerie Naumann
Miriam Mannak
Patrick niland
Carla Lever
Carmen Mannarino
Don Edkins
Rebecca Crane
Cris Robertson
Lance Gurling
L How
Melanie George
Kerry Hoffman
Candice Kotze
Patricia Maree
Amy Thornton
marija stefanovic
Sarah Katherine Woolley
Bronwyn Harvey
Martha Groger
Asiphe Nzwana
Ashley Thomas
John Berry
Steve Fourie
Grant Haskin
Francesca de Gasparis
Julie Ward
Busisiwe Moon
Tamarin Berry
Tamarin Berry
Gail Super
Tamsin Fairweather
Stephan de Beer
Carusta van der Merwe
Heather Naude
Mieke Lippstreu
Mieke Lippstreu
Mieke Lippstreu
Danielle Louw
Sean Drummond
Linda Stewart
A Jacobs
Michael Sachar
Dena Lomofsky
Karlien Levitan
Pauline Joiris
Chrissie Parry
Michelle De Jong
Michael Edwards
Barbara Bishop
Gaositwe Mokou
candice fortuine
Rowena Luk
Esti Strydom
Tanya Barben
Georgia Paige
Ruth Urson
Daniel Coleman
Sarah Ping Nie Jones
Dena Lomofsky
Jacqui Holliday
Kate Haywood
Desrae Saacks
Michel Friedman
Russell Ally
Gianna Maita-Edwards
Ashley Cloete
David Cooper
Nadine Kaiser
Jaco Barnard-Naudé
Louise Carmody
Michelle Trimborn
Deena Bosch
Lee Bosch
Kristene Zincke
Kelly Gillespie
Faranha isaacs
Anisa Bhettay
Lindizwe Mncube
Lumka tamboer
Lumka tamboer
Mogammad Jacobs
Nadia Classen
Carol Jacobs
Rene Jacobs
Kaylan Williams
Amanda Small
Samantha Sias
Christopher Sias
Ingrid Pillay
Eddie Pillay
Yani Trout
Sumaya Williams
Zuraydah Harris
Kim Caswell
Toni Tresadern
Jade Buckton
Paula Haupt
Keagen Gertse
Evi Elsner
Linda Rutter
Dorothy Roux
E P Syce
Michelle Kersten
Jacoba Budden
Lyle Breda
Mark Syce
Elroy Paulus
Elroy Paulus
Nadine Accom
Derek Ronnie
Carnita Ernest
Aqeelah Hassen
Brandon de Kock
natasha meiring
Roger Ronnie
Ndodana Hadebe
Pearl Lerato Hadebe
Caitlin Leigh
Charlotte Scott
Dorea Hendricks
Jared Rossouw
Anwar Jakoet
Anais Nony
Li ndy Powell
Anja Ritchie
Marzet Pieterse
Nina callaghan
Tayo Kopfer
Bayar Laattoe
Marianne Brittijn
Gemma Jackson
Jenah McKenzie
Luke Gregor
Diane torr
Maxine Willis
Mitchel Hunter
Faeez Jacobs
Julia Raynham
Warren Bradley
Karen Hendricks
Alex Noble
Kaone Kario
Vicky Bailey
A Grimwood
Thandi Wessels
Lindsey Eyre
Richard Conyngham
Chad Rossouw
Megan Furniss
Robin Julies
Andrea Couvert
Heidi Grunebaum
Jan Schoeman
Reza Khota
Michael Marchant
Emily Craven
Dumisani nxodo
Linda Ntentema
Calvin Morrison
Patty Price
Carol Dawes
Christine Hogg
Michelle Pressend
Reza Levy
Thandi SEBE
Birgit Sebe
Singita Sebe
Seema Allie
Taariq September
Lisa groblet
Taariq September
Jenna Hills
J van Heerden
Phillippa Duncan
Jos horwitz
Mariam Galant
Toyer Galanr
Tharwat Samuals
Aqilah Samuels
Leila Suleman
Rustum Suleman
Marcelle Wijnberg
Stephen Lee
Bronwyn Nell
Robynne Whitfield
Marina Rifkin
Hanifa Osman
Eldene Heeger
Cathy Joshua
Anthea Mesias
Barbara Barker
Alessandro Vignazia
Shakeelah Ally
Yasmine Jacobs
Shaun Shelly
Maureen Steyn
Angela McBride
Julian Davids
Adelaide Erasmus
Naz George
Kristina Davidson
Luqmán Davids
Nasheeta Kamies
Feroza Miller-Isaacs
Melissa Bradnick
Samed Bulbulia
Cynthia John
Chleo Van Reenen
Tristan van Reenen
Batia Efrat
Rehana Odendaal
Saskia Rijke
Michael Jaffee Moss
Martin davids
Daniel Jacobs
Zoah mulder
Dominic Paulse
Debbie Hoffmann
C Saayman
Kariema Cassiem
Zurina parker
M Sedick Petersen
Aneesa Isaa s
Aweh mnr

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