COVID-19 is now our priority – a Word from our Chair

Dear Obs residents,

This has been a really hectic time and we hope you are all keeping safe, staying home, and practicing social distancing and lots of surface cleaning and hand washing. COVID-19 is changing our lives and we hope we will emerge a more caring society afterward.

I have no substantive reports on LDG matters because all our efforts have been focused on work around COVID-19 prevention. But just one item for information: The Heritage Western Cape IACOM meeting which was to consider the Two Rivers LSDF Heritage Impact Assessment in March has been postponed because of COVID-19 shut down and all its meetings have been suspended. This will be rescheduled to a time later this year. However, the City has not closed its Building and Development Offices and indicated they are still accepting and processing applications on their website since they have an online application service. It is unclear how any public participation can take place under the present lockdown, or even when limited activities open up after lockdown since meetings of any size will still be unlikely to be permitted and social distancing measures will likely continue.

But COVID-19 is now our priority
For those of you who wish to get involved in doing something helpful to fight COVID-19, I want to draw your attention to various activities organized through the Observatory CAN, one of 78 active CANS across Cape Town, involving more than 1200 volunteers.

Sign up form:

In Observatory, we have 5 active groups – join the ones you’re interested in for more info on how to be involved!

1. Homeless support

2. Face mask making

3. Vulnerable persons support mapping

4. Covid-19 info sharing

5. Hand-washing stations

Some contacts: List of all current CANs:

Cape Town Together CAN! Facebook:

Link to map with groups:

CAN Starter Pack:


For those of you who want to support action but don’t have the time or ability to give sweat equity, and you want to make a financial contribution, I would urge to support our local initiative providing food to the homeless who are most vulnerable given the current shutdown. Kiki Bisogno, from Ferdinando’s and who holds the Social Issues portfolio on the OCA is coordinating a group of amazing volunteers providing food to the homeless. The project could do with your support!

To make a donation ♥️🍝
Account holder: International Association for Human Values (IAHV)
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 250737, Lenasia
Account: 62045616119
Reference: Obspasta + your name

If you would prefer to donate to other causes, not specifically in Observatory, please – click HERE – for some of the opportunities to put money where it will make a difference and you can decide if and how you want to support action.

Leslie London – OCA Chair