August 2019 Report on Pepper Tree Square Car Park

from: DeVos

City of Cape Town
On 7/8/2019 we received an email from Tebogo Tladi (City of Cape Town : Finance: Debt Management) requesting that we settle our arrears rental account of R198 327.28
I responded: “We have been in communication with Amy Meyer and her replacement, Deon Franken, in an attempt to resolve the matter of the over-billing and arrears on our account. We are still waiting for a meeting to be set up. “
Two follow up emails were sent (7/8/2019 and 22/8/2019) to Deon Franken to enquire about any progress he made i.t.o. familiarising himself with our case, and setting up a meeting to discuss the over-billing/arrears on the account, but no response was received from him.

Equipment failure
After the failure of the electric motor that operates the exit boom, I thought it prudent to get the motor at the entry boom checked out as well.  Unfortunately, this motor is also showing signs of wear and tear – it is still functioning, but it will need major repairs or replacement soonish.

Mr. Gareth Leyman organized two loads of bark chips that he is busy working into the garden beds in the parking area.
§  Thanks to him.

De Vos