Appeal to the water tribunal and application

Dear registered Interested and Affected Party,

1)      On 10 June 2021 the Observatory Civic Association (OCA) was informed by the relevant authority, the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS),  that the LLPT was granted a water use licence (“WUL”) for the re-development of the River Club property.

2)      On 23 June 2021, the OCA lodged an appeal with the Water Tribunal against the decision by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to grant the WUL.

3)      In terms of law, the appeal of the OCA has automatically suspended the operation of the LLPT’s WUL until the Water Tribunal has decided the appeal.

4)      The LLPT applied to the Honourable Minister Sisulu of the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation to lift the suspension.

5)      On 14 July 2021 the OCA submitted comments on the LLPT’s application for the upliftment of the suspension.

6)      There has been no date given as to when the Minister will make a decision on the LLPT’s application for the upliftment of the suspension.

We requested the Water Tribunal to inform the Interested and Affected Parties of their entitlement to lodge an appeal. However, the OCA was informed by the Tribunal that the OCA should do so.

I am therefore writing, in line with the response of the Water Tribunal, to inform you that you have the right to submit an appeal against the decision by the DWS to grant the WUL in terms of section 148 of the National Water Act, 1998.

Should you have any further queries in relation to submitting an appeal, please contact the Water Tribunal Appeal at Madimabe Sibongile [email protected] / Paulus Thelma Kgomotso [email protected].

Furthermore, should you have the intention to submit comments on the application of the LLPT to uplift the suspension on its WUL, please address the comments to the Honourable Minister Sisulu and submit your comments to Tshifhwa Manwadu [email protected]; Bronwyn Roxanne Naidoo  [email protected] / [email protected]; and Ofentse Ntshabele  [email protected].

At the link, you can access the following documents:

–          The LLPT’s Water Use License;

–          The Record of Recommendation by DWS;

–          A copy of the OCA appeal against the WUL;

–          A copy of the LLPT’s application to the Minister for lifting the WUL suspension.

The WeTransfer link above is open for 7 days and will expire on the 22nd July 2021.

Yours sincerely

Leslie London

OCA Chairperosn