Appeal to support our campaign to preserve the environment and heritage

Dear supporters

Those of you in Cape Town might think the campaign and our court case is over because you see the Amazon Golgotha rising over the flood plain and because of the very bad press we received over the Cape High court findings released in November 2022.

That is not the case at all.

We are on track to get into the High Court for the review when the truth can be put before the judge: that the approvals were unlawful because they failed to take account of critical information and they accepted as evidence information that was flawed. For example, a First Nations report that selected only First Nations leaders who support the development was regarded as discredited by Judge Goliath. Nothing was presented in the High Court to change that finding. The environmental approvals were based on flawed models and assumptions. We will show in court in the Review why that is true.

But for us to stand a chance, we need financial support for our case – the entire gerrymandered sabotage of the GKKITC was engineered because we lacked the financial resources to tackles these side attacks on our case. So, I am appealing to supporter to donate to our campaign so that we can fight this court case on an even footing.

We are very grateful to those of you who have previously donated to our campaign.

I am asking if you can dip into your pockets for another round of support to keep us going.

Please do so at our fundraising site – see

For completeness, I paste attach a summary of the legal processes just to keep you updated, along with a short video.


Leslie London