Anti-vax conspiracy voice note ‘convinced my mom not to vaccinate and she died’

Journalist Anena Burger describes to John Maytham her anger when her mom was convinced by self-styled prophet’s anti-vax message.

– Journalist describes her angry at a WhatsApp voice note she believes convinced her 71-year-old mother not to have Covid-19 vaccination
– Anena Burger’s mother contracted Covid-19 and died
– Burger says the WhatsApp note was by a woman who goes by a number of pseudonyms including that of Debora De Rigter a self-styled prophet intent on ‘saving the boer people’

Journalist Anena Berger tells John Maytham how her 71-year-old mother had received a 14-minute long voice note on WhatsApp.

The voice note is described by News24 journalists as ‘a frightening tale of the supposed dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine in Afrikaans, interspersing her talk with easily rebuttable inaccuracies.’

She says her family are realists and understands that even if her mom had been vaccinated she may have got sick. However, she believes the voice note was a pivotal factor in her mother’s decision not to get the Covid-19 vaccination….

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