Amazon’s African HQ construction interdicted

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – NOVEMBER 12: Protestors during the Liesbeek Action Campaign against Amazon River Club Development on November 12, 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa. It is reported that indigenous and heritage protection and conservation groups with concerned residents have slammed the development by Amazon citing that it is a destruction of a sacred heritage site that deeply violates climate change policy, including the Paris Agreement. (Photo by Brenton Geach/Gallo Images via Getty Images)

Jacopo Dettoni – March 24 2022

A judge in South Africa halted the construction of Amazon’s planned African headquarters in Cape Town, pending the conclusion of meaningful engagement and consultation with all affected First Nation Peoples.

“The fact that the development has substantial economic, infrastructural and public benefits can never override the fundamental rights of First Nations people,” judge Patricia Goliath of the Western Cape High Court wrote in her ruling on March 18…