A Public Subsidy of a Private Development and Wastewater management is the casualty PART III

A development levy of more than R 73 million was calculated for the development of which approximately R 10,5 million was said in the Appeal Report to be reserved for improvements to the water and sewerage reticulation system. However, the Chief Planner’s motivation to the Municipal Planning Tribunal in September 2020 noted that “The developer will incur the cost of the construction of a portion of the Berkley Road extension which will be off-set against the development levy” and later noted that “While a development contribution (DC) has been levied for improvements to engineering services, it is anticipated that the cost to road improvements as a consequence of the proposal will likely exceed the DC levied and as a consequence the cost of road improvements may be off-set against the DC charged.”…


So what does sewage have to do with Amazon? It’s simple: To get approval the City requires all their departments to sign off. The department responsible for Waste Water Management indicated that they would ONLY sign off if the development if the levies covered the cost of sewage services. Will they adhere to that…? No.