OCA Update – March 2018

This is an excerpt from the OCA newsletter of 26 March 2018. Subscribe to OCA Updates here.

The next meeting of the OCA committee is 6.30pm Tuesday 27 March, at the Obs Community Centre.

Here are a few highlights from the past month:

Water crisis: Although ‘Day Zero’ is no longer forecast to happen in 2018, Cape Town’s drought is still very real and the OCA is continuing its engagement on the water crisis. Last month we officially formed a water and sanitation committee, which has developed a ‘water census’ survey to map out community members’ water saving habits and identify vulnerable residents who may need support in the event of a ‘Day Zero’ scenario.

  • OCA Water Warriors celebrated Open Streets with water census, water poems and road art activity.
  • Our Water and Sanitation Committee and Two Rivers Urban Park Association participated and presented at the Cape Chamber of Commerce’s H2Know Water Summit, held on 13 March.
  • On Wednesday 21 March (Human Rights Day), Observatory Water continued with the pilot water census at Obs Spar, and surroundings, to engage residents face-to-face on water-savings measures and to roll out our water census. We also rolled out the census at last month’s Open Streets festival, which also included water poems and street art activities!
  • If you would be willing to help take the water census to your street, please contact or email [email protected].
  • We also call on residents to fill out the water census at tinyurl.com/WaterCensusObs

Western Cape Cultural Affairs Award: The OCA was honoured this month to receive a Cultural Affairs Award from the Western Cape government. The OCA , with Marc Turok, was recognised as the ‘Most Active Conservation Body’.

River Club development: In March, the OCA submitted further comments on the heritage report prepared for the proposed River Club development. This submission drew on concerns raised at our community meeting on 5 March. Our submission is available for download here. The next meeting of the Two Rivers Urban Park Association is 10 April 2018 at the EnviroCentre.

Large Developments: We have started to engage City officials to get more proactive release of information for Obs residents on large developments. Additionally, we are starting to assemble a full database of all the developments across Obs to inform our comments and responses to each individual development. Anyone willing to assist us in this process, please contract Leslie at [email protected].

Hartleyvale Stadium: Cape Town City FC has been granted a three-year lease of the Hartleyvale Stadium grounds and two of the fields at Malta Park, with a plan to start construction on a 10,000 seater stadium before the end of the year. A full report on the situation is here.

Observatory Business Forum: The Obs Business Forum is engaging its members and OBSID and the OCA to help businesses save water and become more drought resilient. One of the options being explored is to install community rainwater tanks at the Community Centre.

If your business would like to join the Business Forum please email Oliva at atouchofmadness.events@gmail.com.

Car park: The OCA continues to oversee the Pepper Tree Square parking lot. The monthly report on the car park is here.

Woodstock: The OCA congratulations the Woodstock Residents’ Association for holding its inaugural AGM on Saturday 24th of March, representing residents of both upper and lower Woodstock. The community of Woodstock faces similar challenges to ours in Observatory, and we look forward to a strong civic partner in the new Woodstock Residents Association.

Get involved: Would you like to become more active in the OCA‘s work on a particular issue? These include Large Developments, Arts Sports & Culture, Business Forum, Water & Sanitation, Communications, Social Issues, Architecture & Heritage. If so, email [email protected].

The month of April promises to be just as busy!

Please feel welcome to join us at the Obs Community Centre at 6.30pm on Tuesday 27 March.

Minutes of the last management committee held on 27 February are here.

– Observatory Civic Association