Members Area

OCA_membership_form – use this form to join – remember please send proof of ID, residence or ownership of business.

Important information for members

We had a huge influx of membership – from less than 70 to well over 200 in a short pace of time. Coupled with a flood of emails containing proofs of ID, residence and payment. These continued to arrive even half an hour before the meeting and still more arriving daily since the meeting

We have had some queries by members who have paid and sent forms but did not appear on the member ship list or who have received no acknowledgement of their payment or membership status. We are working on that and will be double checking our lists so they are not final yet

We ask that you give us till next week when we will have sent out personal emails to each and every member confirming your status and perhaps asking for clarification if we are missing any details

Thanks for your patience and understanding