2016 Annual General Meeting

WHAT is it?

The Annual General meeting is your chance to decide who represents our neighborhood to the City Council and other civic bodies . It is also your opportunity propose projects for the year And/Or  offer your services as a volunteer.

All Observatory Residents and Businesses are invited to attend this meeting.


WHY get involved ?

The Observatory Civic Association needs Observatory community members (Property Owners, Tenants and Businesses) to volunteer their time to safe guard the heritage and  culture of our suburb as well ensure  a safe, neighbourly and positive environment to live in and conduct  business in.


When and WHERE

  • Tuesday 25th October 2016
  • Obs Community Centre, First Floor – NA Room
  • 18h00

If  you wish to raise an issue or volunteer, please give us your details in the form nearby.

PS: We really need people who understand technology, passion and marketing to move us forward. We have the platform!